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Born in Washington, DC and raised in the suburbs of Maryland, Elena is the youngest in her family's first American-born generation.  Her parents, from Buenos Aires, Argentina are whom she credits today for being bi-lingual in English and Spanish.  She loves her cultural Latin roots and shows them off by still dancing Salsa and Tango every chance she gets! By her early 20's, she hosted the Emmy-Award winning show "Diver(C)ity", also locally based in Washington, D.C. at the time.  Elena then made her way to Los Angeles and found quick success!  Soon after arriving in Hollywood, her face could be seen in several commercials, print ads and TV shows.  By 2003, she had become one of the sexy "Kande Girls" on BET's "The Way We Do It" and her urban east-coast vibe landed her TV roles on "Judging Amy", "Bold and the Beautiful" and "Half & Half".  Today she is still being sought-after on both coasts!  


Elena is a natural beauty with a winning personality to match her talents as a fiery Latina Actress, which is evident in her work on dozens of productions, including her most recent bookings of 2021!  Watch Elena Varela stir things up on the CW!  Introducing "Lauren Caruso" -Recurring on BLACK LIGHTNING.  The 4th and final season.  Sure to please! ;)...


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